I was born on January 16th 1957, at 02.00, near Clydach, in South Wales.
I became interested in astrology while at school but it wasn't until the 1980's
that I really started to to study thesubject, first at the Kosmos in Amsterdam,
then at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.
At present I am studying horary with John Frawley.

I have called the site The Eclectic Astrology as a reflection
of my own need for freedom to use any and all techniques,
which of itself is a direct expression of my natal Uranus in the ninth house.

"Optimum knowledge in the being mode is to know more deeply.
In the having mode, it is to have more knowledge" wrote Erich Fromm.
It is, I hope, in celebration of the former, that this site came "to be".

Elizabeth Svadkovski-Hathway.